Four Factors to Consider when Buying a Fridge

A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in any home. That is why homeowners must put a lot of thought into finding the right model for their needs. They need to consider many things before making their final decision including the capacity they need, the frigidaire style, and extra features. The market offers hundreds of models with plenty of technical terms to understand. This guide should help you go through the process of choosing and buying a fridge smoothly. Below are the things to look for out when buying a fridge:

Style and Number of Doors

Before you hit an appliance store or visit a website, decide what type of refrigerator you need. If you have a small family or if you are alone in your home, you may want to get a single-door fridge without frost-free function. The freezer of this fridge takes up a part of the space inside it and you must defrost it regularly by pressing a defrost button. But, double-door fridges are also available for families. They have separate compartments for the freezer and fresh food. Other fridge options you can find include bottom freezer, side-by-side fridge, French-style, and top mount freezers.


It’s important to determine the fridge size you need to be measured in terms of interior capacity. First, consider your family’ size. If you have a family with a least five people, you will need to have a fridge with a bigger capacity. Then, consider the space available in which you plan to place your fridge. Lastly, think about your lifestyle when deciding the fridge capacity you need. If you tend to order meals from restaurants and rarely cook yourself, you may not need a big capacity fridge.


This factor will decide the number of features your fridge will have. Generally, a side-by-side or French door fridge is more expensive than other types. Depending on what you can afford and your need, you may prefer to get a direct cool single-door fridge if you are alone in your home.

Energy Consumption

The energy rating indicates a fridge’s energy efficiency. Look for a fridge that has the Energy Star label if you want an energy-efficient fridge. Also, keep in mind that how much electricity your refrigerator consumes will depend on your usage patterns. For instance, opening the fridge door several times can mean more power consumptions as the appliance overworks to maintain the temperature inside.